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Our branch visits pubs (and beer festivals) often. There's lots of choice as we cover such a large area, 313 pubs at the last count! However, we are trying (as part of the National Campaign) to draw attention to Quality - the Quality of the Pubs, and the Quality of the Beer. Why not support your local Branch by joining us at our regular weekly Social Events.


In earlier versions of our diary, we listed the Mighty Oak brewery Christmas beer night at Leyton Orient Supporters Club as taking place on Friday 21st December. Unfortunately, this was before we had confirmation. It will take place, but on Thursday 20th December instead.

The word 'CORRECTION' written in big red letters.

As we already had an event published for this date, we removed it from our current social diary. We apologise for any confusion or inconvenience.

Christmas Crawl

Once again we will be having a pub crawl between Christmas and New Year. It will be the Micropubs of Sidcup, on Saturday 29th December. We aim to get to the first micropub on the list at 12.10.

A black and white photo of a group of working class women enjoying a drink and a laugh in 1944 Wales.

For a full itinerary of the crawl, go to the entry on our diary page.

Brewery Visit

We are planning a group visit to the New River Brewery in Hoddesdon. We had hoped to arrange a date in November but unfortunately, we have been unable to get those wishing to go to be available on the same day. Therefore, we are postponing until early March 2019.

The visit will be on a week day evening at about 17.00 or shortly after and anticipated to last approx 2 hours. The cost will be £10 which includes 2.5 pints, but more can be purchased. The New River Brewery is at Unit 47 Hoddesdon Industrial Centre, EN11 0FF. It is in walking distance from Rye House Station, which is on the Liverpool Street to Hertford East Line.

We need to get at least 15 people interested in going with a maximum of 25. Initially, we need to find out who wishes to go to ensure we can get 15 people. Once we have established this, we will need to confirm dates with New River. Once we know the trip is on, we will let you know. To ensure your place, you will need to pay your £10 at this time.

A black and white photo of a group of working class women enjoying a drink and a laugh in 1944 Wales.

Anyone interested, can they please advise a committee member at a social evening or contact us through the website at either of the following - contact@swessex.camra.org.uk / webmaster@swessex.camra.org.uk